SexyJeanieD - HANDCUFFED !
Handcuffed_1.avi  thru  Handcuffed_5.avi   are short clips of some of the opening scenes from my FULL LENGTH Homemade 

Kind of like previews of the beginning of the MOVIE.
The actual MOVIE / VHS VIDEO TAPE is much clearer and better quality.

It is STRONGLY suggested that YOU read the FULL description of the movie / video
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Description  of  "HANDCUFFED"   (PLEASE  READ)

The ACTUAL VHS VIDEO TAPE is over one hour long--

It starts out with the lovely SexyJeanieD sitting up straight, her shoulders resting firmly against the high back of an antique wooden chair.  Her legs are crossed as she poses for a photograph in a deliciously SEXY, yet elegant , long evening dress.
The dress is made of a thin, shiny, satin material and it's deep maroon color contrasts quite nicely with her long dark hair.
The style of her dress is simple.  Thin satin material criss--crossing in front joining just below her bustline, creating two small triangular cups held up by tiny, thin, spaghetti straps.
The resulting appearance is very much similar to one of her small, thin, bikini tops, that she so confidently wears for a swim in a pool or a frolic on the beach.  The cups of the dress snugly supporting her breasts to form a SEXY low--cut, vee--shaped neckline !  The combination of the thin satin material and the snug fit make it make it quite evident that she is NOT wearing a bra.
It is an impossible task to hide the outline of her ERECT NIPPLES as they press outward against the silky fabric. 
Two very distinct points protruding proudly from the small triangular cups of the long evening dress ! 
The thin satin material of the long evening dress continues the joined crossing pattern downward from below her bustline, tightly overlapping across the bodice and waistline to one side just past the middle of her hip.
At this point it once again separates into two pieces creating a very high leg slit  that begins at the middle of her hip and opens wider as it flows diagonally downward across the front of her thighs to her ankles.   She has modestly pulled one of the two pieces of the lower portion of the long, shiny, satin dress across her lap, effectively covering her upper thighs as she sits in the chair with her legs crossed, hands in her lap.  This leaves only a very small portion of her thigh, her knees, lower legs, and her high--heels visible to the photographer and his camera.
And, of course, also visible to the VIDEO CAMERA that is recording the entire scene !

SexyJeanieD sits in the chair with her shoulders back, smiling sweetly, and posing for the picture. Her firm posture and the high straight backed antique chair ensure that her chest is thrust both forward and upward.  This will prominently display the precise erotic effect the photographer is seeking. The thin satin evening dress clings to every curve of her alluring body like a glove. 
He is pleased and aroused !
CLICK !  The picture has been taken.

The photographer then moves toward her instructing her to remove her hands from her lap and place them on the seat of the chair along each side of her hips for a different shot.   She momentarily relaxes, letting her shoulders fall forward as she begins to move her hands from her lap.  The immediate result is a wonderful display of even more cleavage as the top of the SEXY low--cut dress shifts downward and her breasts swell with a deep breath of relief that the first shot is over.  The photographer resists the urge to change course and capture the site of her now increasing cleavage on film.   He must also resist the increasing arousal that he is feeling. He has this all planned out and he must not deviate.  At least, not YET !
He has her tilt her head up more toward the camera while he brushes the extra material of the long dress from her lap to the sides of her thighs opening the high leg slit of her dress for a more revealing SEXY shot !  SexyJeanieD can feel the chill on her bare upper thighs.  She fights the urge to look down at her legs, at her lap.  Her EXPOSED lap !
Instead she she smiles brightly at the camera as the chill on her bare upper thighs is now coursing through her entire body !
CLICK !  Another, SEXIER, more revealing picture has been taken.

The photographer smiles back at her.  He is pleased with the shot and instructs her to uncross her legs for the next shot.
She quickly glances down at her thighs. 
The tops of her sheer, nude stocking hose are showing !
Her eyes dart further up her thighs to her lap and she notices that the straps from her garter belt holding her stocking hose are also clearly visible !   She is aware that what she is quickly glancing at now was just captured on film by the photographer.
She reluctantly uncrosses her legs, feeling the extra material of the long dress falling further off of her upper thighs and down the sides of the seat of the wooden chair revealing even more of her black lace garter belt, all of her sheer hose, and even the SEXY, SHEER, tiny, black, string bikini panties that she is wearing under her dress ! 
Lost in her thoughts of how much of herself she will be revealing for the next picture SexyJeanieD fails to notice that the photographer has now stepped back behind the chair she is sitting on.  She tightly grips the seat of the chair, fighting the urge to reach down and pull the now wide open lower part of her dress back up onto lap across her now fully exposed thighs. 
She subconsciously presses her knees together and resolves that she can do it.  She will let the photographer get the next even more revealing, SEXY photo.   Straight on, legs uncrossed.  Fully revealing to the camera her entire lower body from the tips of the toes of her high heels all the way up to . . . . . . . .
GULP !  All the way up to her SEXY, SHEER, SEE-THROUGH, tiny, black, string bikini panties !
She momentarily closes her eyes perhaps as if it somehow is all just a dream that will end when she opens them.  
She smiles, lifts her head, and opens her eyes.  
Ready for the inevitable CLICK !  There is no CLICK from the camera.  There is no camera.  No photographer.
As she turns her head to see why the photographer has moved behind her she sees them for the first time. 

She gasps out loud at this sudden turn of events, frozen for a moment, unable to move, trying to comprehend what is happening to her.  The photographer quickly and deftly grasps one of her wrists and clamps the HANDCUFFS around it. 
The sound of the HANDCUFFS locking around her small wrist !
Then another CLICK !
Before she even has time to react both of her hands are cuffed behind the back of the chair.
She is locked to the chair !  She can't stand up and stop what is happening to her.
The photographer produces a second set of HANDCUFFS !
The second set of HANDCUFFS will be used to cuff her ankles to the legs of the chair. 
The photographer first carefully cuffs one of her ankles to the leg of the chair then reaches for her other ankle. 
This causes her to begin to feel REAL PANIC as her legs are now being forced to spread open !  
Prominently displaying her womanly charms so clearly revealed through the thin, SHEER, SEE-THROUGH, black nylon fabric of her SEXY, string bikini panties !
CLICK !   NO !  This is not just the click of a camera.
It is instead, the CLICK of the last cuff around her other ankle, rendering her helpless !
Her hands locked to the chair behind her back.  Each of her ankles locked to the legs of the chair.
Her legs lewdly spread, WIDE OPEN !
The lovely, unsuspecting model, SexyJeanieD, is now thoroughly on display
secured to the chair in a VERY EXPOSED and VERY vulnerable position !

The photographer steps back to admire the results of his ingenious scheme as SexyJeaneD begins to envision all of the photos that will be taken of her.  Little does she realize at this point,  that there will be no need for any more still photographs.
NO.   A VIDEO CAMERA is running, capturing every moment.
Enabling the photographer to do anything he desires to or with the beautiful, SEXY, captive model  ! ! !
SexyJeanieD is HANDCUFFED ! ! !
This is only the beginning !

The photographer stands back leering down at the TOTALLY HELPLESS SexyJeanieD.
Taking in the exquisite site of her entire body.
Sitting there in her SEXY, shiny, satin evening dress. 
The SEXY dress that hugs her body tightly displaying every curve of her luscious body !
Her arms at her side, pulled back, due to the HANDCUFFS locked around her wrists behind the back of the chair causing her chest to swell outward so prominently, so proudly.
Stretching the thin satin dress so tightly across her soft full breasts.
Breasts that are now heaving up and down as she nervously wonders what is next.
Breast is too feminine a word to describe what the photographer is staring at.  Becoming more aroused by the moment.
These are TITS !  TITS with ERECT NIPPLES !
She must be EXCITED for those NIPPLES to be so HARD and ERECT.

SexyJeanieD and the photographer make brief eye contact. 
Her eyes wide in disbelief or is it wonder ?   Or is it fear ?    Or is anticipation ?
Nervousness maybe.  Lust perhaps.  Anxiety for sure !
Look at those legs !  Nice long LEGS !  With such pretty, SHEER, nude, stocking hose showing them off. 
And that SEXY, black, lace garter belt holding the pretty stocking hose up in place.
AH YES !  And those panties !  So SEXY !  So SHEER !
Those SEXY, SHEER, SEE-THROUGH, black nylon, string bikini panties !
Not even beginning to conceal her most private part.  Much to the contrary. 
They seem to be purposely displaying her PUSSY.   Vividly displaying her PUSSY !
Tempting the photographer who is now happily enjoying the fruits of his devious scheme.
Her long legs fastened to the legs of the chair at her ankle swith HANDCUFFS, forcibly spreading her thighs apart.  
Her long satin evening dress with it's SEXY high leg slit pulled WIDE OPEN, hanging down off of the sides of the chair seat.
Proudly displaying all of her long, inviting LEGS, encased in their sheer, nude, stocking hose.
Framed by her SEXY black, lace garter belt.   Her milky white bare upper thighs above her stocking hose.
And to top it all off -- her beautiful PUSSY staring through her SHEER black panties !
That beautiful PUSSY so clearly visible between her forcibly spread thighs.
Just sitting there, unable to move.  Unable to cover up.
Unable to stop what may be cumming next !
A quick glance back up to SexyJeanieD's beautiful face to once again make eye contact.
Is that the beginning of a smile on her lips ?  Or, is it a smirk perhaps ?
Or, maybe nervousness.  A nervous smile.
He'll take it as a smile.  An open invitiation to continue.  To explore.
To explore SexyJeanieD's incredibly EROTIC BODY that is so LEWDLY on display !

The photographer forces her legs wide open and begins his assault, greedily sliding his hands up her legs and probing her most private parts !
Pushing her panties aside and shoving three fingers into her PUSSY.
Her WET PUSSY !  She is EXCITED !  His arousal can longer be contained.
He must have satisfaction.  Immediately !
He FONDLES her nice soft TITS thru her dress, feeling her HARD ERECT NIPPLES !
He grasps the front of her dress where the thin satin material of the triangular cups  are joined together and tugs gently,
beginning to tear the seam effortlessly. 
Continuing to tear and pull the the seam apart ever so slowly, determined to ravish the beautiful, SEXY model.
Her soft milky white TITS begin to spill forward, out of her now, ruined evening dress  !
Her entire bare TITTIES with their HARD ERECT NIPPLES soon come into full view as the seam rips open completely.
Freeing both of her BARE andTOTALLY EXPOSED TITTIES !
The site is so EROTIC that he now begins to tear viciously at the seam running diagonally across her bodice ! 
The sound of material ripping and SexyJeanieD gasping at the sudden assault only serves to fuel his desire !      
R  I  P ! 
Her dress is completely RIPPED APART almost instantly.  From the low--cut neckline to the high leg slit ! 
The SEXY, long, satin evening dress is now two pieces TORN WIDE OPEN, fully revealing her now heavily heaving
TITS with their HARD ERECT NIPPLES.  It almost appears as though they are bouncing up and down.
Tantalizingly bouncing up and down !
He steps back briefly to take a good look at her now NEARLY NAKED BODY !

SexyJeanieD is now practically TOTALLY NAKED, moaning something unintelligible, breathing heavily, and appears to shudder.
She is now sitting with her dress wide open.  Her hands cuffed
behind the back of the chair causing her back to arch and thrust her bare TITTIES forward and upward.
Her ankles cuffed to the legs of the chair.  Her legs spread WIDE OPEN !
Clad only in her sheer black panties, and her garter belt and stocking hose.

But, this is just the beginning !
After having her bare TITTIES and ERECT NIPPLES admired and FONDLED and SUCKED ON,
her panties are quickly and quite FORCEFULLY RIPPED OFF of her body !
SexyJeanieD cringes at the thought of the revealing photos he will surely start taking of her now.
HANDCUFFED !  Locked to the chair with her dress RIPPED completely WIDE OPEN !
Her legs SPREAD WIDE OPEN and her PANTIES RIPPED from her so unceremoniously and cast aside.
Her PUSSY so FULLY on display !
There is nothing that she can do to resist in any way.  LOCKED in place by TWO sets of HANDCUFFS.
There will be no more pictures.  They are not necessary because there is a VIDEO CAMERA recording the entire EROTIC SCENE !
She is totally VULNERABLE and at the mercy of the lucky photographer who happily takes FULL advantage of her.
The photographer has now become so AROUSED at this point that he is ready to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the captive, HANDCUFFED SexyJeanieD.
He is unzipping his pants and stepping up onto the chair !
SexyJeanieD is going to be FORCED to have oral sex.  To give a BLOW JOB !
She shakes her head, NO, from side to side to indicate her unwillingness.   Handcuffed_3.avi
causing her BARE NAKED TITTIES to sway EROTICALLY from side to side  !
She is still sitting, HANDCUFFED to the chair !   Her essentially now NAKED and TOTALLY EXPOSED BODY shudders as she attempts to squirm away from her BONDAGE !  Her entire BODY is writhing !  The moment has arrived !  She has no choice. 
She must comply !  She must satisfy the photographer's hunger for her and submit to his desires !
As his AROUSED PARTIALLY ERECT PENIS enters her mouth he guides her head with one hand while he reaches down with his other hand to SQUEEZE one of her BARE NAKED EXPOSED TITS and it's HARD ERECT NIPPLE !
SexyJeanieD's head bobs forward and back SUCKING and attempting to accomodate the growing, ERECT PENIS in her mouth and throat .  She can be heard making muffled moaning sounds that only increases the photographer's EXCITEMENT and AROUSAL as he alternately exchanges hands holding her head in order to SQUEEZE and KNEAD both of her BARE NAKED TITTIES and PINCH the TIPS of her now EXTREMELY SENSITIVE HARD ERECT NIPPLES !
Finally, after reaching FULL ERECTION and just about to EXPLODE the photographer let's go of
SexyJeanieD's head and steps back.  He wants to save his FULL ORGASMIC EJACULATION for
another part of her.  One that he has recently tasted !  Her PUSSY ! 
SexyJeanieD licks her lips and appears to swallow what little CUM may have escaped the engorged PENIS that has just withdrawn from he mouth as she nervously glances around the room.  Does she sense that she is being watched ? 
Her BARE TITTIES once again heave up and down as she takes a deep breath to try and regain her composure. 
The first stage of her ordeal / assault is over, she hopes.  Her arms are beginning to ache from the confines of the HANDCUFFS. 
She is feeling exhausted and relieved but, also strangely aroused.    

All of this EXTREMELY AROUSING HOT action is just the beginning of this

SexyJeanieD is released from the HANDCUFFS and allowed to stand up. 
Her torn (totally destroyed) dress is pulled off of her shoulders, leaving her standing,
facing the VIDEO CAMERA (close-up) in only her hi-heels, garter belt and stocking hose.
The photographer is definitely not finished with his exquisitely lovely model - SexyJeanieD !
And now, neither is she !    She too has become EXTREMELY AROUSED and is more than willing to satisfy the photographer
as well as herself !
She continues to have sexual intercourse in several different positions, including lieing down on a coffee table and literally being FACE FUCKED, while the video camera captures it all from her gasping, gagging mouth to her ENTIRE writhing NAKED BODY !

This is an incredibly EROTIC and SEXUAL VIDEO that way HOTTER and WILDER than any of her photos or exhibitionist adventures !
At the end of this FULL LENGTH (over one hour) X-RATED VHS VIDEO TAPE there are also some short scenes of many of her other SEXUAL ADVENTURES that include some VERY EXPLICIT SEX SCENES !


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