SexyJeanieD - About SHEER Swimsuits .  .  .  .
Have YOU ever wondered . . . .

Why would anyone, especially a female, wear a SHEER Swimsuit  or SHEER Bikini ?

Especially a Swimsuit or Bikini,  without ANY kind of a lining whatsoever ?

And why in the world would that female wear that SHEER Swimsuit  or Bikini without any lining, to a public pool or public beach ?

Furthermore, how could she, or why would she, get up the nerve to go swimming and cause the SHEER Swimsuit or Bikini to become TOTALLY SEE-THRU when WET ! ! ! ? ? ?

Especially, in front of other people ?

Other people that were total strangers ?

Other people that were total MALE strangers ?

These are just some of the questions that have been asked of me about this subject--------SHEER SWIMSUITS and BIKINIS

Well, let me see if I can answer them for YOU.

First off, let me ask me YOU something . . .
YES, another POLL----
hey, it isn't going to hurt answering these polls,
besides it may force YOU to recall an
EROTIC memory and that's GOOD isn't it ?

  Have YOU ever seen a Female wearing a SHEER Swimsuit anywhere ?
YES---but, ONLY the TOP was SHEER.

Answer these Polls honestly. 
It's a 2 parter and BOTH PARTS count.
I have a feeling choice 2 may end up being the most popular choice in the first poll.
That's because most one-piece swimsuits have at least a small lining at the crotch.

I'm just curious to see what the response is going to be. 

Remember to click to come back here after answering.

  Was it in PUBLIC or PRIVATE ?
It was in PUBLIC !
It was in PRIVATE.

OK--part two is simple.
PUBLIC is like at a public pool or beach or waterpark, etc.
PRIVATE is like at a private party or just you and her.

Remember to click to come back here after answering.
OK, now that wasn't so bad was it ?
For those of YOU who have seen some SEE-THRU Swimsuits, it was at least interesting wasn't it ?
For those of YOU who have never seen any SEE-THRU Swimsuits anywhere,
not even a NIPPLE ---- I'm really sorry  :  (          But YOU can look at photos here  >  >  >
So, what's the POINT ?
YOU may be asking right now.
The point is that number one -- it's most likely that for the voyeur or anyone but, the purest for that matter---
is EROTIC and AROUSING !   (to say the least)

Now, what about for the FEMALE wearing that SHEER, WET, SEE-THRU SWIMSUIT ?
Well, it's EROTIC and AROUSING for her too !
Even if it's purely an accident----(yeah sure, like some girl is going to go swimming and not realize
that her swimsuit is sheer when wet !)
Well, I guess it has happened but, not that often and even then I'm sure she got turned on a little by it.
Even for females that look down and see their ERECT NIPPLES popping out of an opaque Swimsuit---they get turned on.
Sure they may blush and act embarrassed and even try to cover up.
But, believe me they ARE turned on !

So, the next progression is the Swimsuit that the DARK, ERECT, NIPPLE is CLEARLY visible thru.
And finally, the ULTIMATE ----
A Swimsuit  or Bikini that is TOTALLY SHEER, and SEE-THRU when WET......
Not only are the NIPPLES clearly visble but,
the PUSSY is also on display---some hairier than others.
Some are trimmed, some are bushy, some are smooth shaven bald pussies.
I, myself am a mixture, usually.  Almost half and half. 
Fully shaved pussy lips that form a very prominent camel toe with a neatly trimmed,
small, thick, dark, patch of pubic hair above.   All clearly seen through my wet, sheer, unlined swimsuits !

Now, I'm sorry I got a little off track there for awhile trying to make my point that it's EROTIC for most FEMALES to let
their anatomy be EXPOSED thru their SHEER, WET, Swimsuits.

I can tell YOU why I wear Swimsuits and Bikinis that have absolutely no lining in the tops or bottoms and why I go swimming
in them in public at motel pools, and at the beach or a lake or relax in public hot tubs.
Because when I get out of that hot tub or pool or come walking out of that ocean or lake and my body is dripping WET and my SHEER, WET, SEE-THRU Swimsuit is clinging to my body revealing not only every curve but, also my NIPPLES, my small
neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair and the folds of my BARE shaven PUSSY,
it is pretty much like being TOTALLY NAKED !
But, I still have a swimsuit on--it just isn't doing much, if anything, to hide or cover what normally would be covered,
but it is legal, technically.

YES !  I get STARES !
Sometimes astonished STARES !
And my heart beats incredibly FAST !
Strangers are REALLY STARING at me---
I mean, after all, they can SEE EVERYTHING !
But, I am NOT NAKED.
Well, yeah, I know what you're thinking . . . .
I may as well be NAKED.   I can't do that (GO NAKED) in a public place--
So YOU see, this really is the next best thing to being COMPLETELY NAKED in front of strangers in a public place.

It might EXCITE me that those strangers are looking at me but,
YOU know what it does to me ?
A big part of it is, that it is SO DARING !
When my heart starts beating so hard and I see those heads turning and those
eyes STARING at me----I just get REALLY TURNED ON ! ! !
It's kind of hard to explain----all I can say is that the THRILL is OVERWHELMING.
So, there YOU have it.
I do it for the THRILL.
Is that sick or perverted ?
I don't know, maybe it is--maybe it isn't.
YOU can decide that, if YOU like.
I SURE don't feel sick or perverted though.
If it makes YOU feel GOOD then DO IT !
So, I DO IT !

Now wait a minute, before YOU get the wrong idea.
I don't walk right up to strangers and flaunt it.
And, I DO NOT do this where children are around.
There is a time and place for everything.
You can find areas of the beach where it's more adult and also there are motels that are more adult and not family oriented.
And let me also explain to YOU that when I do get out of the water
I don't just stand there.   I either go back in the water fairly quickly or
I head for my lounge chair or beach towel to lie down.
And NO--I don't cover up with a towel--I try to act normal as if I'm wearing
a regular opaque swimsuit.  That way if someome REALLY wants to continue
STARING at me it is their choice.
I try to act naturally (although my heart is beating uncontrollably with EXCITEMENT) and if someone STARES at me I smile at them and continue whatever I'm doing.  Sometimes, a guy or group of guys may try to engage me in conversation in order to get me to stop from where I am going.  If that happens,  I usually smile, keep going and if they choose to follow me, then I may or may not cover up when I get where I'm going.  
You know it's pretty easy to judge the situation and if they want to have some FUN and STARE at me I usually oblige---
within reason. 
Most people are usually too shy or embarrassed or whatever to really say anything.
I think that's because of all of society's hangups about NUDITY.
But, they sure do STARE, at least for awhile--that's the FUN and EXCITING part.

OK, now I think I know what you're thinking.
What if someone says,
"Did you know that I can SEE right through your Swimsuit ? "
Yes, that has happened, although not very often at all.
When it does happen though---
sometimes I'll look down and say something like,
"Hmmm . . . , I guess you can," while smiling and act as if it's no big deal.
Or, if I feel in a playful mood I might gasp and cover my NIPPLES with my hands,
knowing full well that they can still see my PUSSY, but act as if I'm unaware that it is showing too !
It really just depends on the situation--but, like I say it RARELY happens.
NO---most people don't want to say anything but, they sure want to STARE !
Maybe they're afraid to say anything to me because they are afraid I'll cover up.
Oh well, that's OK.  Because that way neither of us really knows what is going on inside of each others minds. 
That way we don't have to play mind games, instead we can both ENJOY the SHEER EXCITEMENT of the whole situation !

So, if YOU ever do see me, in person, in a SEE-THRU Swimsuit remember that.
YOU just may get to SEE a LOT more of me if YOU play your cards right !  

SHEER Swimsuits
SHEER Swimsuits
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